specializing in small-scale lease offices, SOHO apartments that can be used as offices and rental office space 130 m2 or less in the Tokyo metropolitan area

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specializing in small-scale lease offices Real Estate
Five benefits to a search with Ardent

Specialization in small-scale office space exponentially improves Ardent's property knowledge base.

Staff can assist you with all current property offerings – including lease offices, SOHO apartments, rental offices, and renovated properties – to reduce the time you need to make to visit dozens of realtors.

Ardent office consultants share details about the type of property you require to find you the most suitable match.

We believe education is critical: our staff undergoes thorough training to improve listening skills and customer service, and respond to you promptly without making you wait. With a firm understanding of your needs, Ardent office consultants will select the optimal properties for you from the wealth of information on small-scale offices we provide.

You will receive advice based on a wealth of experience in vendors offering optical fiber network connections, telephone lines, interior decorating, LANs, and office furniture to ensure you work with the vendor best suited to serve you.

All Ardent staff glean information every day about non-real estate matters you will need when you move your office, to ensure that we are equipped to advise you on the most well-designed office relocation process. Your concerns are addressed immediately, by staff that will save you time and effort by introducing you to the best vendor for every need that arises.

At no extra cost to you, we also provide consulting to reduce costs incurred at the time of relocation or grand opening of your business.

You will receive advice on the best ways to combine telephone, optical fiber and mobile phone services to reduce the cost of copy machine, electricity and office supply purchases.

Robust follow-up after contract

From contract maintenance to pre-deadline renewal notices as well as periodic new information updates, Ardent is always available for consultation as your professional real estate partner. At the request of a contracted customer, Ardent will respond to inquiries about residential and branch store properties, and assist in all real estate matters, in addition to office properties.