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Office relocation

Process of an office relocation

6 months before

Relocation plan
Office building selected
Check when the security deposit will be returned
Identify the conditions for business recovery

5 months before

Rental contract
Office planning

4 months before

Vendor selection

3 months before

Decide on a move date

2 months before

Internal meetings
Order placement

1 month before

Submit documents to public administrative offices
Hold a relocation seminar
Submit documents to the telephone company

No.   Real estate  Facility
1. 3–6 months before Office relocation consultation  
2. Private viewing of office Private viewing of office Begin design meetings for any interior decorating
3. 1.5–3 months before Property selection and application Create a layout plan, interior decorating, furniture
4. 1–2 months before Office contract Place orders to vendors, make miscellaneous arrangements (relocation announcement postcards, business cards, envelopes, corporate signature seals)
5. Move date   Relocate the office, move items, and make arrangements for telecommunications, arrange for a moving estimate, optical fiber and/or telephone line
6. Post-relocation Construction for business recovery Submission of transfer registration to public offices, periodic replacement purchases, homepage updates
The move is complete.

Process of an office relocation

Interior decorating, design and layout

Ardent creates a desk layout, and proposes ideas for divisions between meeting rooms and client reception as well as designs for entrances and interior decoration.

Purchase and dispose of furniture

Create a layout, including quantities and types of furniture to be additionally purchased, and estimates for disposal of any furniture.

New purchase of telephone and LAN installation

(Business phone)
You will need to install your current business phones in the new location.
If you purchase additional telephones, they will be installed at the same time.

(Copy machine)
Any new copy machines purchased will be installed at this time.


(LAN installation)
Estimates for installation of any internal LAN you require will be procured at this point.


A vendor will create an office relocation estimate after visiting an office, so the estimate should be obtained early in the office relocation process.

Optical fiber and telephone lines

Arrangements for an optical fiber or telephone line are made after the office is inspected by a real estate broker. The inspection is scheduled early because it takes at least 2 weeks.

Ardent offers free consultation for high-speed NTT®, KDDI®, SoftBank®, UCOM® and NURO® lines to maximize cost reductions for your company!

Recovery of current office setup

An estimate of the work needed to return the office to its current setup is obtained.
In most cases, the landlord arranges such estimates, but the renter may also be expected to make arrangements, so check with the current office leaseholder or the management company. 

Most office building contracts specify that business recovery must be complete by the end of the contract period, so Ardent recommends that you make arrangements ahead of time.

Miscellaneous arrangements (such as business registration, submission, envelopes, corporate signature seals, relocation announcement postcards, homepage updates, business cards and periodic replacement purchases)

When the contract period expires, we begin to address specific miscellaneous tasks for the office relocation.