specializing in small-scale lease offices, SOHO apartments that can be used as offices and rental office space 130 m2 or less in the Tokyo metropolitan area

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Ardent’s Intermediate Service

Intermediation process

Step1 We conduct a hearing to identify your needs.

Ardent's specialty in small-scale offices enables us to show you all currently available offerings from the massive store of knowledge at our fingertips.

Even if the number of workers is kept the same, the space required per each office, apartment and rental office is different. We propose the conditions that define the number of desks that can be installed for the number of workers required.

For a business entry to Japan, Ardent offers free consultations on business registration, visas, taxes and employing personnel, and will introduce trusted professionals who may help you as necessary.

Step2Proposal of properties by email or FAX

We can show you all small-scale offices currently available (lease offices, rental offices, and SOHO apartments).
Leave introduction of the optimum workplace for your company up to us: we will contact you about properties by email or FAX and continually hone our understanding of your needs.
If our understanding is mistaken, we will go back to the drawing board to make you a new proposal.


We will make proposals to you as many times as it takes until we find you a property that you like


Consult us at no charge regarding telephone, optical fiber, communication devices, interior decorating and furniture once you have decided on a property.

Consulting to reduce your communication costs (free)
Introducing our partners in every field


The contract is concluded when you transfer the contract deposit by the day prior to start of contract.
We examine the contract in advance so that you can enter the contract with confidence.


Ardent will introduce you to a professional moving company. Please consult the company for any questions you may have. The moving company knows everything there is to know about relocation.

Step7After-contract follow-up

・Contract maintenance and renewal notification service

Some clients forget notices of cancellation, so Ardent manages these dates and takes the liberty of contacting clients a short time in advance of the notice of cancellation.

If you lose your lease, and misplace it, contact us. We hold copies at our office and will provide you with one whenever necessary.

・Ardent + Service

Clients holding contracts with Ardent have access to our assistance with any real estate matter, including staff residences, large offices, retail outlets, and buying and selling, in addition to small-scale offices.

We also contact you before your contact renewal date to alert you of its approach. Ardent cultivates a long-term relationship with clients so that in practice we function much like a real estate division of your company that you can come to about any real estate matter at any time.

Intermediation process

Communications costs 1. Telephone landlines with NTT, KDDI, SoftBank and UCOM
2. Optical fiber
3. Mobile phones
4. Mobile routers
Supply purchase
Introduce procurement sources to lower costs of everyday office supply purchases
Copy machine
counter fees
Reduce the monthly costs of both lease fees and counter fees

Intermediation process

Ardent offers complete consultation on all tasks necessary for your business to enter Japan.
In addition to an office, we will advise you on business registration, visas, taxes, personnel recruitment to assist a smooth opening of your Japan office.

Intermediation process

Ardent links you to judicial scriveners experienced in registration of Japanese subsidiaries and branch offices
Work with professionals versed in procedures to obtain residence status and visas
Tax accountant Ardent works with tax accountancy firms who can create reports in English for your head office abroad.
Certified social
insurance and labor consultant
Meet with a certified social insurance and labor consultant who can assist you in all compensation matters in Japan, including salary calculation and subsidies.
Employment agency We can put you in touch with agencies with strengths in introducing personnel capable in Japanese, English and other languages.

Intermediation process

When your company enters a real estate contract with Ardent, we receive a fee of one month's rent + consumption tax as an intermediary fee.